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A sedentary lifestyle can lead to unhealthy weight gain and cause preventable illnesses such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, heart disease, stroke and more. At Total Family Healthcare & Wellness Centers in Clermont, Florida, our weight loss program not only helps you lose weight, but also helps you keep the weight off.

Our programs are personalized to meet your individual needs and lifestyle.
We can customize a program for individuals wishing to lose as little as 10 pounds to those who need to lose more than 100 pounds. Our mission is to help you maintain your new weight for the long term and enjoy improved health and energy.

Weight Loss Program Overview

Our physicians create a personalized program that utilizes the latest and most innovative methods for weight management. Each program is designed and closely supervised by a board certified physician trained in nutrition and weight management. Programs follow three phases:

Acute Weight Loss Phase

  • Medical consultation, physical exam and laboratory testing
  • Nutritional plan proven to burn fat and curb cravings
  • Safe and effective FDA-approved appetite suppressants
  • Supplemental injections
  • Weekly monitored visits

Transitional Phase

  • Weekly supervision and guidance
  • Supplemental injections
  • Introduction to healthy lifestyle

Long-term maintenance phase

  • Continued support and guidance
  • Supplemental injections
  • Ongoing lifestyle training
  • Monthly monitored visits

During the initial visit, we will perform comprehensive laboratory and diagnostic testing, as well as state-of-the-art body fat composition analysis. After thoroughly analyzing these results, our physicians tailor a personalized weight loss program involving our low glycemic diet and exercise. As appropriate, FDA-approved prescription appetite suppressants and/or weight loss supplements may be administered to control hunger. Our medically-based programs are clinically proven by scientific evidence to be safe and effective.

With the support and care of our professional staff, achieving a healthier weight is attainable. But
beyond reaching this goal, our program is structured to help maintain your weight loss. By
providing close monitoring and effective education tools, our patients continue to sustain the
weight loss results they worked so hard to achieve. For a free, no obligation consultation call Total Family Healthcare today at (352) 394-4237 or request a consultation online or fill out the attached form below.

Weight Loss Testimonials

My name is Judy and I am a professional dieter. I have tried just about every diet out there…Weight Watchers,Atkins, Jenny Craig, even “The Soup Diet”.  I have been losing and gaining weight for the past 20 years.  What is noteworthy is that I am a Registered Nurse whose profession teaches us the importance of Health.  I know what a carbohydrate is.  I know protein & fruits are better for us than sugar.  Yet I continue to struggle daily with weight gain.

Our hospital prides itself in community wellness so last January they made it possible for our employees to participate in Dr. Jakob’s weight loss program.  Over 100 members of our staff began the journey to get healthy and lose weight.  I was not one of the first to join, but as I saw the others success, I too started the program.

Four months later I am 18 pounds lighter and feel great.  The most impressive part of the program was the drastic change in my lab work.  My cholesterol went from 310 to 193 and triglycerides from 254 to 146.  Dr. Jakob has created a workable, healthy eating plan that changes habits, encourages exercise and gives you the tools to make good choices.  Her staff hung in there with us every step of the way…even when our weigh-in didn’t always go well.  They encouraged self discipline and even provided a transition and maintenance program to keep us on track as we stabilize our weight loss, our health and our lives.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Judy W., RN
South Lake Hospital

Thank you so much for your amazing weight loss program and your supportive personalities! I have struggled with my weight since I was a child. I have probably been on almost every diet plan imaginable including NutriSystem, Optifast, South Beach, Atkins, and Doctor’s Weight Loss. I have taken many supplements, diet pills, and sampled all sorts of fitness products causing me to basically starve or deprive myself for a while to lose weight temporarily then slowly but surely work my way back to a larger size.

My closet ranged from size 10 (which I referred to as the wishful thinking section that like Oprah’s size 10 jeans lasted for one or two photos and then…) all the way up to size 20. I went up and down many times over the years. Your program has been significantly different. I lost 9 pounds in the first week, which was an incredible source of motivation! At this point, I have lost 42 pounds and I am still going strong.

I have had excellent weeks, good weeks, and even the occasional really bad week where I moved in the wrong direction. Because you are incredibly supportive not only when I excel but also when I have had a bad week (unlike other places), I have never wanted to avoid coming in anyway and continuing to work on reaching my goal. As a result, I look and feel much better, and I have given away the larger clothes that I would have stored in the past for the next time I needed to move back into them.

This time, I have completely changed my habits and the way that I eat and think about food. I exercise, but not in an obsessive temporary way. The routines and habits that you have helped me to develop are likely to last so that I never have to shop in a plus size store again.

Coral H., Clermont, FL

Please accept my gratitude for hiring such a wonderful staff and providing a “life saving” service for my husband and myself. Initially, we were referred to your practice by my husband’s cardiologist. My husband faced surgery or your program due to a long family history of heart disease. I decided to join him since I’m the “cook” and was overweight with high cholesterol. It was time to make some lifestyle changes.

Four months later, I’ve dropped from a size 16 to a size 6, I’ve lost 31 pounds, my total cholesterol went from 253 to 204 with no medication, and my triglycerides went from 258 to 75.

This is not the first diet program I have tried, but this one was different. I learned proper portion control, I learned how to substitute good food for bad, and I learned how to eat healthy again with food choices that I can enjoy for the rest of my life. I have to add, we could not have done it without Charlene and Rhonda. It amazed me how kind and helpful everyone was all the time! Clearly you have hired a team of professionals to run this office at the top of their field with special emphasis on “people” skills.

Thank you! As for my husband, he will be another success story to tell. He has stayed with the program and lost almost 60 pounds going from a size 42 pants to a 34. Our entire outlook on life has changed!

M.S., Clermont, FL

Let me begin by saying that I am so thankful and grateful for your effective weight loss program. I have truly achieved my goal of weight loss and even surpassed it by a long shot. I was originally a size 12 when I started (October of 2008) and also had a very high body fat percentage, including high cholesterol at the age of 27.

I knew I was spiraling out of control with my overall health and decided to do something about it. I was able to lose about 30 pounds in 2 months and people were like “OH MY GOD!” Today, I am extremely happy and healthy and feel so good about the way I look! I get compliments all the time and that is great for my ego. LOL!

I am wearing a size 2 and have lost over 55 pounds. My original goal was to lose about 35 to 40 pounds. My cholesterol and body fat percentage are both within the healthy range for my height and age. I have referred over 5 or 6 people to start the weight loss program and they too have done very
well. It is like I am a walking billboard for Total Family Healthcare’s Weight Loss Program. I have been told that several times, and that I should participate in a commercial for you all. I am now considered a LIFETIME MEMBER due to my efforts and hard work. I was able to let people see that it actually works if you are diligent and persevere.

It is not a hard weight loss program and it is one of the best decisions/choices I have made in the past year. I am a firm believer “that hard work pays off.” It certainly has paid off for me and my friends/colleagues who have joined. Overall, I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you! I know that the process had a lot to do with me; for example my will and determination to become healthy, but your unconditional support was and still is appreciated now! I have included some pictures of my wonderful weight loss journey.

Kerina J., Groveland, FL

It was so easy to tell myself that I’ve only gained a few pounds or ignore the fact that I was wearing yet another larger size.  I excused away any fatigue as stress and overwork.  When I started at Total Family Healthcare, I learned how my body reacts to different foods and what I should and shouldn’t eat.  Everyone that has worked with me has been so helpful and informative.  To this date I have lost over 30 pounds and I am still going.  Thank you Total Family Healthcare!  I now have the energy to accomplish my daily tasks and I am back to a size that I have not been in years!

Andrea B, Groveland, FL

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